Yovav GavishYovav represents Israel at the World Bank Group, leading decision making at the Board regarding WBG strategies and projects and the engagement with Israel. Prior to joining the WBG, Yovav served at the Israeli MoF as the Deputy Director General of the Government Companies Authority (GCA). As head of the Finance Division, Yovav led financial, accounting and strategic matters regarding the GCA and State-Owned companies, including financial reports, budgets, strategic plans, equity and debt issuance. Yovav led significant reforms in government companies (such as the Israel Military Industries privatization) as Head of Defense Companies Sector and Head of IPO’s department. Prior to that, Yovav was working as a Business Analyst and a team leader at a management consulting firm. Yovav holds BA and MA in Economics and Management (both with distinction) and Mid-Career MPA from Harvard University.