How Volunteering Shaped My World

Jewish volunteers across the globe share their stories

What impact can we as volunteers have on communities across the globe – and how do those communities transform our lives and futures? Volunteers from our partner organizations joining us on our UK Tour: A World of Opportunities, share what they loved and learned about their experiences abroad.


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“My trip [to Ghana] was an unforgettable experience. However, what was even more exciting was coming back to Europe and sharing my testimony. For me, it is important to tell others about the people I met, and what I experienced in Ghana. By doing this, I am still making a difference and my adventure continues to live on.” —Daphné Tapia, Ghana Project 2016 volunteer, Tzedek

Project TEN

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“I think it’s important to give personally, from the heart. Growing up on the streets of Paris, I was always amazed by Ethiopian culture and knew I had to visit the country. I am excited to immerse myself in this unique culture and to help people through Project TEN.” – Anael Chemla, 22 years old


JDC Entwine

2014-09-04-20-11-38” I’ve learned you have to give local people the power to make their own decisions. It can never be the international person, organisation or donor shaping projects. I don’t know what people want or need; people themselves know… You have to go into the conversation to listen to people and not go along with what you think will work”  Hannah Gaventa JDC-Pears fellow, 2014

Tevel B’Tzedek


“Making breakfast together with the Nepali fellows in Tevel’s ‘Big House’ was a great opportunity to get to know each other, share our goals and passions and develop a personal connection. It was something I have been looking forward to and a truly memorable moment for me. It’s important to develop both personal and professional relationships with one another.“- Boaz Leberman, Tevel Fellow 2016

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