What we’re reading: op-eds from our partners on COVID-19

We've selected some op-eds written by some of the leaders of our 50+ partner organizations. Read about their insights and reflections on COVID-19 and its impact on communities worldwide. 


Yotam Polizer, CEO of IsraAID

“What does a global aid group do when the whole world is in crisis?” & “The secret weapon to stop coronavirus” 

Read about how IsraAID continues to serve vulnerable communities worldwide and what tools they use against the spread of COVID-19. For Yotam Polizer, the best weapon is working in partnership with local communities, and it all starts with providing them with accurate information and raising awareness.


Sivan Ya’ari, CEO of Innovation : Africa

“COVID-19: The situation in Africa is worse than it seems”

African villages are at the greatest risk if COVID-19 reaches them. They lack access to clean water and basic hygiene. Their medical centers do not have proper equipment, light to work at night, or refrigeration for medicines and vaccines. With COVID-19 their already difficult situation is becoming even more life-threatening. “It is now time to increase worldwide efforts to help each other,” urges Sivan Ya’ari.


Cindy Greenberg, President and CEO of Repair the World

“How to serve while social distancing”

With the new restrictions in place around the world, Cindy Greenberg looks at ways to support those around us, to take action to “repair the world”. This can include checking on your neighbors, volunteering to deliver food, donating to an organization that can no longer use volunteers, donating blood and more.


Yosef Abramowitz, CEO of EnergiyaGlobal

“Corona’s silver lining”

Post-COVID-19, “we must not go back to our excessive and fossil-burning ways,” Yosef Abramowitz urges. He is calling for a global action to beat climate change. In the same way we’re battling against COVID-19, we must come together against this other global threat to our health and economies that is climate change.


Ophelie Namiech, Director of Mindset-PCS

“The silent pandemic we don’t hear about”

As COVID-19 is spreading across the world, violence against women and girls is on the rise. Women experiencing domestic violence are isolated with abusive partners because of lock-downs. Emergencies can also increase domestic violence including because, in contexts where women are responsible for taking care of their families, they may struggle to address the needs of the households. Ophelie Namiech is looking at strategies aimed at combating Sexual and Gender-Based Violence and how they should be fully integrated into COVID-19 national and international responses.


Rabbi Micha Odenheimer, Founder of Tevel B’Tzedek

“Stopping the world”

Rabbi Odenheimer is looking for hidden lessons we could learn from COVID-19. He looks at how completely our fates are intertwined, how the whole world truly is in one boat. It may even make us understand that there is no longer a developed and developing world, that we’re all part of the same crazy but amazing world and this could ultimately aspire us to create a world of solidarity. He also adds an important lesson on the importance of human life.”The world can stop,” he writes. “When it comes to saving human lives, we can shut down the economy and our social lives in ways that would have been unimaginable just a few weeks ago,” he adds