VaccinAid: Give the World A Shot

Join OLAM in helping to raise funds for the distribution of 2 billion Covid-19 vaccines for health workers and vulnerable people, no matter where they live.

As more and more people in Israel, the US, the UK, and elsewhere get vaccinated, many of us are finally beginning to feel safe. Billions of people across the globe, however, still do not have access to Covid-19 vaccines. They remain at risk and in limbo, unable to even go to work without fear of infection, let alone dream about seeing family and friends in person.

Pikuach nefesh, the fundamental principle that preserving a human life overrides virtually all other commandments, is a core Jewish value. This is just one reason why OLAM is joining forces with the Office of the Chief Rabbi in the UK, and others in the Jewish community, to champion the VaccinAid campaign. The campaign is aimed at raising funds to help 2 billion health workers and the most high risk people get their shot, no matter where they live.

Why is OLAM taking on this vital cause and how can you help us spread the word about it?

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