Dr. Sharon Shaul

Dr. Sharon Shaul is the head of the medical sector of NATAN Worldwide Disaster Relief. She leads NATAN’s medical operations in disaster areas. Sharon is responsible for the recruitment and training of the medical staff volunteers.
By developing partnerships with local and international organizations, she identifies and locates where NATAN can make a difference and create an impact.

Sharon joined NATAN as a volunteer in 2010, and since then she participated and led many of its operations worldwide following natural and man-made disasters, including in Haiti, the Philippines, Nepal, Serbia, Mozambique, Poland, and Turkey.

Sharon graduated from medical school at Tel Aviv University, she is an experienced family physician treating diverse populations, including the Jewish Orthodox community in Bnei Brak and Kibbutz Mizra’s community. Nowadays Sharon is an Emergency Medicine resident at Poriya Medical Center, in the north district of Israel. She lives in Alon Hagalil with her husband and 5 children.