OLAM Partners Responding to the Devastating Haiti Earthquake

CADENA's relief team heading to Haiti. Photo: CADENA

CADENA’s humanitarian relief team heading to region in Haiti devastated by earthquake. Photo: CADENA

Several OLAM partner organizations are working to deliver emergency aid and crtically-needed medical supplies to areas in southwestern Haiti that were struck by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake on August 14th. At least 2,000 people have been killed in the powerful quake, many remain missing, more than 12,000 are injured, and tens of thousands homes were destroyed.

Following are OLAM partners that either have teams on the ground or are raising funds for humanitarian relief efforts:

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) is working through its longtime partner, the Afya Foundation, to ship medical supplies – including wound care, surgical instruments, fluids, IV starters, sutures, gloves, masks, face shields, and clean linens – to local hospitals treating the wounded. It’s also working to construct a medical clinic in Haiti with its local partner, Heart to Heart, and is assessing how it can help address the need for shelter for those who were left homeless.

American Jewish World Service grantee partners are delivering critical, emergency aid to affected communities. Funds raised will also go toward support activists facing the ongoing spread of Covid-19, political instability, and the threat of gang violence.

CADENA rescuers are working in Les Cayes with Life Locator technology, providing water filters, solar lamps, shelters for medical assistance, and mattresses, among other things.

IsraAid is deploying an emergency response team, including local team members from its previous work in Haiti, to assess needs in affected areas, develop a response plan, and distribute urgent relief items.

NATAN is sending a delegation to Haiti to provide primary medical care and conduct a needs assessment. The first delegation will comprise a doctor, a trauma relief expert, and a social worker – and will reach remote areas affected by the earthquake. NATAN, who is working with local and international partners in this effort, has been invited there by the local community.

World Jewish Relief is working with trusted local partners who are responding on the ground, and is raising funds that will directly assist those who need it most, by providing food packages; clean, safe drinking water; and temporary shelters for those affected.

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