OLAM in Motion: 7 Steps to Your Travel Subsidy

    1. Know the rules

Make sure your request is within the guidelines of what’s covered by OLAM in Motion. Read our Frequently Asked Questions here, and email [email protected] if you’re still not sure.

      1. Apply

Click here to fill out the OLAM in Motion travel subsidy application. It should take 20 minutes to complete.

      1. Get approved

OLAM staff will update you regarding the status of your application within ten days of submission. All requests must be approved before travel is booked.

      1. Book your travel

Get ready to fly! Check out these tip sheets to make the most of your experience:

      1. Gather photos

Whether you’re sending a team member to a conference, or bringing a media specialist to the field, you’ll be asked to share 3-5 photos of the experience with OLAM following the use of your travel subsidy. Don’t forget to have someone snap a photo of your presentation, or request from your videographer to send you stills to share with us!

      1. Shout about it

To help encourage other partners to use this resource, remember to give @OLAMtogether a shout-out when you post about your subsidized experience on social media. If you’re presenting at a conference, consider mentioning OLAM during the presentation. If you produce a video, we ask that you name OLAM in the end credits.

      1. Request reimbursement

Fill out the reflections and reimbursement form, where you can upload your photos and receipts. You can expect a reimbursement within a month of sharing with us all the necessary information.