3 Journeys, 1 World: My OLAM

Meet Eliran, Hannah, and Natalie – three individuals who, in some ways, are just like you and me. They grew up, went to school, and then followed their passions… to extraordinary distances.

First as volunteers and now as professionals, Eliran, Hannah, and Natalie apply their expertise to serve vulnerable communities around the world. They have responded to earthquakes, provided support after cyclones, and brought theater to a slum. They have connected to people around the world who taught them powerful lessons and changed their lives. Their journeys are not a straight line, but they are beautiful, inspiring, and real. They are also made possible because of many Jewish organizations that are dedicated to improving the world.

This is My OLAM. 

Listen to these three individuals’ stories. Explore their journeys – and then plot your own path.

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