Leora WineLeora Wine is the Director of Disaster Response for JDC-GRID. She leads JDC’s response to helping those most affected by natural and man-made disasters. Leora develops partnerships with local and international organizations and UN bodies to create impactful response plans for each disaster. Interventions focus on the health and agriculture sectors and incorporate Israeli technological innovation where appropriate.

Leora joined JDC in 2010, working for the Resource Development department. Before that, she worked in a leading Israeli Venture Capital company responsible for matching dynamic Israeli startups with American investors. She also served as a Communications Coordinator at the Alexander Muss High School in Israel.

Leora has a B.A. in Middle Eastern Studies and International Relations from Emory University and a Master’s degree in Disaster Management and Emergency Preparedness from Tel Aviv University. Leora is also a certified personal trainer from the Wingate Institute. She lives in Modi’in in Central Israel with her husband and three daughters.