Jewish Service Alliance Study Trip

The Jewish Service Alliance Study (JSA) Trip, powered by Repair the World, is for JSA members whose organizations are committed to making service a defining part of Jewish communal life. Participants will explore models of global Jewish service, meet OLAM partners and the community members with whom they work, and discuss how local and global service inform one another.

The trip will take place January 17th to January 22nd, 2023.

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Please note: You must have 2 Covid vaccine doses and a booster in order to take part in the trip. (Masks will be required at some sites.) In addition, there are vaccine requirements for travel to Rwanda. Please consult your doctor or your local Passport Health to understand these requirements.

What are the components of the Impact Study Trip?

A 6-day trip to Rwanda

Explore how local and global service inform one another

Pre- and post-trip webinars & surveys

Share your experiences with the broader Jewish community

Forge deep connections with fellow JSA members


OLAM is a network of 65+ Jewish and Israeli organizations working in the fields of global service, international development, and humanitarian aid. Inspired by Jewish values and committed to high ethical standards, OLAM convenes and mobilizes leaders and organizations to take meaningful action in support of the world’s most vulnerable people, in order to foster a more just and compassionate world for all.


The study trip is powered by Repair the World via the JCRIF Reset grant because both Repair the World and OLAM are committed to building a Jewish service movement that includes domestic and global service.


The trip will strengthen the connection between local and global service, and build a holistic movement that brings together Jewish organizations and individuals engaged in service around the world.

The JSA Study Trip will showcase a variety of Jewish and Israeli organizations in the field of global service and international development, including fellow OLAM partner and JSA member JDC Entwine. We will meet staff and participants of global service programs, and gain insight into the design of their educational components. Specifically, the trip will focus on the following areas:


Global service: Exposure to Jewish individuals and organizations serving in Rwanda, and exploring connection points between global and local service 


Global responsibility: Exploring our responsibility as Jews to broader humanity, both locally and globally, and looking at various models for global service


Rwandan society: Learning about Rwandan history, its current growth, and the role of service in civil society


Implementing learnings: Working together to consider optimal ways to implement our learnings in our organizations

The study trip is designed for 16-20 senior-level professionals from JSA organizations (e.g., CEOs, senior Jewish educators, program VPs, etc.).


Ideally, organizations will send two participants:


1. The person directly responsible for implementing the organization’s service work and overseeing the JSA partnership.


2. A senior-level professional involved in determining the organization’s programmatic agenda and strategic plan.


* Please note we will not accept applications from organizations that have participated in OLAM study trips, unless there are demonstrated efforts being made in the organization to promote global Jewish service and international development. (Applicants who have already participated in an OLAM study trip are not eligible.)

Study Trip participants and their organizations will gain many benefits, including:


Increased knowledge about some of the world’s most pressing issues, as well as the Jewish and Israeli organizations working on these issues


A cohort experience in which you can share experiences relating to service, Jewish identity, and global responsibility


Skills and knowledge to embed best practices into service programs


An expanded toolbox to show constituents the connection between their Jewish identities and the global issues that are meaningful to them


Relationships with other Jewish communal professionals committed to service


Ability to partner with and/or signpost young Jewish adults to global Jewish service programs and other opportunities

Participants are required to take part in five webinars – 3 before the trip and 2 after.


The pre-trip meetings will offer participants the opportunity to get to know one another, familiarize themselves with OLAM and Repair the World, and understand the goals of the study trip. We will also explore the concepts of service, Jewish values, and ethical best practices as we prepare to travel.


The post-trip webinars will explore how participants can integrate global service and responsibilities into their organizations’ programmatic agendas.


Please note: Participants who commit to the program must take part in all sessions. For extenuating circumstances, please contact OLAM staff as soon as possible.

The study trip will take place January 17-22, not including travel time to and from Rwanda.


The pre-trip webinars will take place:


Nov. 8, 2022


Dec. 20, 2022


Jan. 11, 2023


The post-trip webinars will take place:


Feb. 2, 2023


March 8, 2023


Each participant will be required to post on social media (personally and/or professionally) and share their experiences with their organization through a presentation or discussion. OLAM also encourages participants to publish op-eds or articles, either as individuals or co-authored with fellow study trip participants.


In addition, OLAM expects you to take action in one (or more) of the following areas:


Global service experiences: Creating (or scaling) a global immersive service trip and/or signposting relevant members of your community to existing global service opportunities. This includes, but is not limited to: running an opportunity fair featuring global service programs, regularly featuring global service opportunities in your organization’s communications channels, etc.


Connecting the dots between global and local service: This can include, but is not limited to: signposting local service alumni to global service opportunities, identifying special opportunities for global service alumni to partake in your local service or other educational programs, and incorporating relevant global themes into existing local service curricula.


Applying learnings from the JSA trip to your local service programs: This can include, but is not limited to: deepening the Jewish learning aspects of your local programming, developing sessions around ethical best practices, etc.


Global education and engagement: Creating and implementing a strategy to integrate education and conversations around global Jewish responsibility into your organizations. This can include, but is not limited to, the creation of learning circles, a lecture series, a comprehensive curriculum around global Jewish responsibility, Shabbat and Holiday programming, etc.

OLAM will continue to monitor Covid developments over the coming weeks and months. OLAM reserves the right to cancel and/or postpone the trip based on these developments and on and travel advisories.


All travelers are required to purchase traveler’s insurance that covers medical expenses, as well as ‘any reason’ trip cancellation at their own expense, or will not be permitted to travel.

The OLAM Study Trip is heavily subsidized by OLAM and Repair the World, enabling us to offer this opportunity at a minimal cost. There is a non-refundable one-time processing fee of $50, to be paid by your organization at the time of your acceptance. See below for additional expenses.


Expenses covered by OLAM
Accommodation (single-occupancy)
Group meals
Ground transportation
Group tourist experiences
Site visits
Travel subsidy for flight to/from Kampala (reimbursed) up to $1,200 USD


Mandatory expenses not covered by OLAM:
$50 travel visa fee
$50 non-refundable processing fee
Cost of vaccinations or other medical expenses related to the trip. Please note – vaccines can be expensive. To understand costs, consult your doctor or your local Passport Health.
Traveler’s insurance that covers medical expenses and ‘any reason’ trip cancellation insurance


Please note cost of a telephone SIM card, transportation to and from your home airport, food during free time (outside of group meals), souvenirs you choose to purchase, and any post-trip excursions or other add-ons are at your own expense.


OLAM does not want financial constraints to be the limiting factor of anyone’s participation in the Study Trip. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your financial situation further.

Yes. We can provide boxed lunches and dinners from Chabad throughout the study trip. Most meals will be eaten at restaurants and hotels where vegetarian options are available.

OLAM will close applications on Monday, October 31, 2022.

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