International Women’s Day 2021 – Stories from the Field

Last week, on International Women's Day, some of our partner organizations shared stories of women and girls they support and work with in the field - in Rwanda, Ethiopia, India, Ghana, and more -, stories of empowerment, leadership, and resilience. Read about their work and experiences.


IsraAID brought together four humanitarian experts and IsraAID staff members to discuss the importance of access to water for women around the world. From water shortages in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian, to menstrual hygiene supplies for refugees in Kenya, the panelists shared their experiences working with women and girls.

World Jewish Relief

After Cyclone Idai hit Mozambique in 2019 World Jewish Relief and local partner ADPP supported local women to rebuild agricultural livelihoods (pictured) that had been destroyed.

Over the years, World Jewish Relief has developed different employment projects, including agricultural livelihoods projects in East Africa, and livelihood recovery projects after disasters, and is working to ensure that all their programing are fully including women. Wherever they work, they cooperate with local partner to ensure the programs are designed through a gender lens and that both women’s and men’s needs are assessed and responded to. To mark International Women’s Day, they shared inspiring stories of a few women who, having faced immense challenges, from displacement and conflict to disasters, have successfully built or rebuilt their livelihoods, found employment and become independent, through these programs. Read here.


From Tzedek’s Facebook page (@TzedekUK)

In Tzedek’s focus regions (Northern Ghana and four States in India), challenging the norm in order to promote the inclusion and empowerment of women and girls comes with community-specific challenges, which is why all of their work is led by local experts; our in-country partners. On International Women’s Day, Tzedek highlighted its overseas partners, and their work promoting and protecting women and girls in community development. Read more here.

Humble Smile Foundation

Humble Smile shared the story of Constance, who, at the age of 60, founded her first Gogo Club in Ekangala, South Africa – Gogos are grandmother caregivers. As the leader of her Gogo Club, Constance got connected to the community school where Humble Smile Foundation was executing its oral health mission. After participating in Humble Smile’s Capacity Building Training on well-being, oral hygiene, and nutrition, and who then became an active promoter of oral health for the children of her community and supported fellow Gogos to join the Gogos Give Smiles project. Read her story here, and learn more about Humble Smile’s Gogo Give Smiles project here.

Many of OLAM partners work with women, focus on gender equality and women empowerment. Click here to see the list of our partners.