Jewish & Israeli Organizations Responding to the Humanitarian Crisis in Turkey

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As rescuers continue the search for survivors in Turkey and Syria, in the wake of devastating and powerful earthquake and aftershocks, Jewish and Israeli organizations are assessing the situation to understand the needs of survivors, and do what they can to help meet those needs.


Following is a list of Jewish and Israeli organizations involved in the humanitarian relief effort, collated by OLAM and SID-Israel. Nearly all are collecting donations to provide emergency supplies to victims, and some are also sending emergency delegations to hard-hit areas. We have included donation links when available, and will continue to update this page as we receive more information. 

*Afya Foundation: Afya will send much-needed rehabilitation and orthopedic supplies to support the tens of thousands estimated to have sustained injuries.

*CADENA: Cadena delivers much-needed supplies, collected through donations to communities affected by disasters. They are currently coordinating a response to this crisis with local Turkish representatives.

*HIAS: HIAS is mobilizing to support trusted partners, including Islamic Relief, NATAN, and CADENA, that are working on the ground in both countries. Gifts to HIAS will be transferred to those funds being sent directly to these efforts.

*IsraAID: IsraAID deploys emergency response team to communities affected by crises, and uses their expertise to help communities rebuild their lives. They are deploying a delegation to Southern Turkey, which includes experts in Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH), mental health and protection, and emergency logistics.

*JDC: JDC’s emergency response team is working with the Turkish Jewish community and other partners to assess emerging needs, including those of local hospitals. Simultaneously, they are also working to provide immediate relief – temporary shelter, winter essentials like portable heating and thermal clothes, food, and medical support – to victims.

Latet: Latet has partnered with SmartAID, IsraAID, SID-Israel, the Israeli Volunteering Council, the Israel-Turkey Business Council, the Turkish Embassy in Israel, Turkish Airlines, and the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency in Turkey (AFAD), to map the needs and prepare for humanitarian assistance. Food, baby food, first aid kits, medicines and medical equipment, water purifiers, tents and peripheral equipment, winter equipment, and hygiene products are all being collected and purchased.

*MASHAV: The State of Israel, through MASHAV-Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation, is dispatching two aid delegations to the disaster area, including extensive humanitarian aid in cooperation with other aid agencies.

*NATAN Worldwide Disaster Relief: NATAN is engaged in an initial assessment of the situation, and is preparing for the possibility of sending an emergency team to Turkey in coming days. 

Topaz International: Topaz International medical and humanitarian teams have joined the rescue efforts through its “Operation Good Neighbors.” Donations will go to providing lifesaving medical treatments and emergency supplies for displaced people.

Every Donations get us closer to saving more lives and preventing more deaths!

SmartAID: SmartAID has deployed a Magen Search & Rescue team to Gaziantep, Turkey to help with the rescue effort. SmartAID is also in discussions with local key partners on where to install connectivity, solar energy, and clean water units to support survivors, first responders, and charities arriving to the field.

*United Hatzalah of Israel: United Hatzalah has sent a delegation of 25 first responders and experts in search and rescue operations, as well as 10 tons of medical supplies and humanitarian aid. The chartered flight to Turkey was arranged by Hatzalah and Sun D’or (an El Al-owned subsidiary airline), in coordination with the Israeli Foreign Ministry and the Israeli embassy in Turkey.  The team includes members of Israeli Search and Rescue units, doctors, paramedics, EMTs, and members of the Psychotrauma and Crisis Response Unit, which specializes in stabilizing people suffering from psychological and emotional trauma.

*World Jewish Relief: WJR is working with its trusted partner in Turkey, the International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation (IBC), to deliver emergency supplies to hard-hit areas, including: emergency shelter, blankets, heaters, clothes, food packages, and first aid kits.

Zaka: Zaka has sent a team of volunteers to Turkey to assist with search and rescue operations.

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