Global Torah Podcast: Season 1

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OLAM and the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies are proud to present Global Torah, a new podcast series exploring Jewish approaches to international development and global service. Each episode features insights from both scholars of Jewish text and tradition, and Jewish practitioners in the field, for a deep dive into crucial questions facing us as Jews and global citizens.

GT Ep 2 Shani Dyonna Rav Landes

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Episode 1: What’s Text Got to Do with It?

Danielle Abraham, ID2; Rabbi Dr. Meesh Hammer-Kossoy, Pardes; Rabbi Yedidya Julian Sinclair, Energiya Global

What do Jewish text and tradition have to offer our practice of international development and global citizenship?

Episode 2: Wealth and Our Nation

Rabbi Daniel Landes, Pardes; Dyonna Ginsburg, OLAM

Where is the place of the Jewish people within the conversation about how wealth is, and should be, distributed in the modern world?

Episode 3: Bringing God Down to Earth

Rabbi Micha Odenheimer, Tevel b’Tzedek; Rabbi Ruth Gan Kagan, Nava Tehila

Where are the intersections between Jewish spiritual practice and global social activism?

Episode 4: Do Motives Matter?

Rabbi Daniel Roth, Pardes Center for Judaism and Conflict Resolution; Ilan Fluss, MASHAV

What are the myriad of motives that bring us as Jews to serve global communities in need? How might mixed motives affect the quality of our work?

Episode 5: Strangers in Strange Lands

Sarah Mulhern, AJWS; Rabbi Zvi Hirschfield, Pardes

What are the challenges and opportunities of living Jewishly while serving in the developing world?