Unprecedented Response and Collaboration

Preliminary Lessons from Jewish and Israeli Responses to the Crisis in Ukraine

Within days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the ensuing humanitarian crisis had already  elicited an unprecedented response within the global Jewish community. Dozens of Jewish organizations and Jewish-led groups, local and international, were spurred to action to meet the needs of those impacted by the war, including many OLAM partners and allies. 
OLAM commissioned this report from Rosov Consulting as a means of educating the general Jewish public about how their charitable dollars were making a difference, galvanizing continued Jewish philanthropic support for the crisis and its ongoing needs, and sparking conversations among Jewish groups and humanitarian aid organizations related to future crises.
While this report does not aim to be the final word on the Jewish humanitarian response to this crisis, it does capture preliminary findings from the first weeks and months, post-invasion. It is aimed at catalyzing important conversations, interventions, and collaborations that are ongoing as the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine continues.
Unprecedented Response and Collaboration:
Preliminary Lessons from the Jewish and Israeli Responses to the Crisis in Ukraine