End the Pandemic

OLAM is calling on Jewish leaders in the US to inspire Jewish communities to raise funds for the distribution of billions of Covid-19 vaccines for people at-risk, no matter where they live.

The Campaign to End the Pandemic

OLAM is calling on American Jewish leaders from all affiliations to support UNICEF USA’s End the Pandemic campaign, aimed at distributing 4.1 billion vaccine doses in 2022, to people around the world who remain at risk.


OLAM is asking Jewish leaders and influencers to join its week-long social media campaign, by posting their support for UNICEF USA’s End the Pandemic campaign. The social media campaign will begin on Monday, February 14, 2022. Hundreds of Jewish leaders will donate to the campaign, and post to encourage their followers to do the same.


The Jewish principle of Pikuach nefesh, preserving a human life, overrides virtually all other biblical commandments. This campaign offers those of us who have been privileged to receive free vaccines, and even boosters, the opportunity to “pay it forward” – by giving someone else a chance to get their shot.

As the world’s largest provider of childhood vaccines, UNICEF has been selected by global health organizations as the only organization with the infrastructure, expertise, and experience to procure, store, and deliver Covid-19 vaccines to the world’s most vulnerable people.

This is why OLAM partnered with the Office of the Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom on a similar effort in England to support UNICEF’s global vaccine work last year, and why it is imperative that the American Jewish community join this effort now!

UNICEF is tracking all donations that come via this campaign as donations from the Jewish community. Please follow these two simple steps so that your donation will be tracked as a Jewish communal gift:

  1. Click on the following link (or the link below): www.unicefusa.org/GiveOLAM
  2. Donate via the pop-up window that appears (Note that if you click off the window, your donation will not be tracked as a Jewish communal gift)


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