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  • Aspire Launch Webinar, Oct. 6, 2021
    An introduction to OLAM’s Aspire program, aimed at helping our partners improve their ethical practices in international development.
  • Ethical Codes of Conduct, Jan. 26, 2022
    Workshop on writing an organizational Ethical Code of Conduct. Learn what to include and how to utilize it, and see practical examples.
  • Minimizing Environmental Impact in the Field, Feb. 22, 2022
    With climate change disproportionately affecting developing countries, what is our role in minimizing damage on host communities when sending staff, volunteers, or students abroad? Learn and discuss practical ways to include ethical environmental impact in your programming, and ways for staff/ volunteers/ students to contribute positively to sustainability efforts.
  • All About Informed Consent, March 9, 2022
    From writing a policy, to creating forms, to asking community members, to portraying them in a dignified and ethical way in your communications materials – everything you need to know about getting truly informed consent from people and communities.
  • Involving Local Partners in M&E, March 30, 2022
    Learn what steps you can take to ensure that your organization’s M&E is inclusive, diverse, and takes into account the community members with whom you are working.
  • Guide to Financial Cooperation and Openness with Local Partners, April 28, 2022
    Global service programs involve financial transactions between the organization and host communities or partner organizations. How do you establish expectations, act with transparency, and ensure equal decision-making power and compensation so that everyone benefits?
  • The Words We Use & Why They Matter, May 25, 2022
    Using language and terminology that is current, relevant, and aligned with international standards can help promote dignity, and can avoid perpetuating outdated and harmful narratives or power dynamics. Join a discussion on which words are in, which are out, and why.
  • Introduction to Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD), Sept. 22, 2022
    Learn about the Asset-Based Community Development approach that mobilizes community members to build upon assets that already exist in their community, and how this approach can fit into your own community engagement work.
  • Aspire: Feedback Loop – Two Way Communication for Genuine Impact, Nov. 30, 2022
    Learn why it’s important to incorporate a “feedback loop” that will make your interventions more adaptive and effective, and practical tools that will allow you to involve local partners throughout the entire project.

*Aspire webinars are exclusive to OLAM partners and members. Please do not distribute these recordings outside of the OLAM network.