A Sukkah of Peace: A Global Justice Journey

OLAM is proud to partner with #HereFor, JDC Entwine, and Repair the World on “A Sukkah of Peace: A Global Justice Journey,” daily-themed coloring posters to bring a global justice perspective to your Sukkot.

Download “A Sukkah of Peace: A Global Justice Journey” here

Sukkot is full of themes of global justice and responsibility – from peace to food security, from gratitude to vulnerability. “A Sukkah of Peace: A Global Justice Journey” features daily-themed coloring posters that will bring a global justice perspective to your Sukkot celebration. This resource can be used whether you are sitting in your home or in a Sukkah, alone or with family and friends online.

The current pandemic has forced us to reimagine our routines, create new ways of connecting, and produce meaning in our lives. As we continue to adapt to our ‘new normal,’ we welcome you to reflect on how this pandemic has highlighted the interconnectedness of the world and that our destinies are wrapped up in one. No one is safe until we are all safe. We hope that these themes will spark conversations and compel you to think and act globally.

How to Use this Resource:

  • Download the pages and print them in any size
  • Color the content, either digitally or by hand, and share your coloring creations on social media, tagging @OLAMTogether, @RepairTheWorld and @JDCEntwine, and using #HereFor
  • Keep the pages in black and white – if you’re uber cool (or just lazy)
  • Hang the pages in your home, on your fridge, or in your Sukkah
  • Invite people to your Sukkah (socially distant, of course) or online to engage in conversation
  • Commit to fulfilling at least two of the action items, either on your own or by mobilizing others’ involvement

For more High Holidays resources, visit #HereFor, a new community-wide, collaborative platform providing events and resources to help you engage and connect with your friends, family, colleagues and beyond, from Rosh Hashanah through Simchat Torah. Find out more here.