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12:30 PM (ET)
7:30 PM (ISR)

Documentary Screening:

"Stop Filming Us"

In partnership with Glocal International Development Studies

How do prejudices play into representation of the Congo in Western media? Do filmmakers unwittingly contribute to the 'white savior complex?' Join us for a screening of this important film and a conversation with the director.


9:00 AM (ET)
4:00 PM (ISR)

Ethical Codes

of Conduct

Workshop on writing an organizational Ethical Code of Conduct. Learn what to include and how to utilize it, and see practical examples.

Community Engagement

12:00 PM (ET)
7:00 PM (ISR)

Minimizing Environmental Impact

in the Field

With climate change disproportionately affecting developing countries, what is our role in minimizing damage on host communities when sending staff, volunteers, or students abroad? Learn and discuss practical ways to include ethical environmental impact in your programming, and ways for  staff/ volunteers/ students to contribute positively to sustainability efforts.

Global Service

9:00 AM (ET)
4:00 PM (ISR)

All About

Informed Consent

From writing a policy, to creating forms, to asking community members, to portraying them in a dignified and ethical way in your communications materials - everything you need to know about getting truly informed consent from people and communities.


9:00 AM (ET)
4:00 PM (ISR)

Involving Local Partners in Monitoring & Evaluation

What steps can you take to ensure that your organization's M&E in inclusive, diverse, and takes into account the community members with whom you are working?

Monitoring & Evaluation

9:00 AM (ET)
4:00 PM (ISR)

Guide to Financial Cooperation and Openness with Local Partners

Global service programs involve financial transactions between the organization and host communities or partner organizations. How do you establish expectations, act with transparency, and ensure equal decision-making power and compensation so that everyone benefits?

Global Service

MAY 25
9:00 AM (ET)
4:00 PM (ISR)

The Words We Use  and Why They Matter

Using language and terminology that is current, relevant, and aligned with international standards can help promote dignity, and can avoid perpetuating outdated and harmful narratives or power dynamics. Join a discussion on which words are in, which are out, and why.


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