10 Global Justice Haggadot to Enrich Your Passover Seder

This Passover, bring modern-day slavery, refugees, and global hunger to the fore of your Seder discussions

The Haggadah teaches us “In every generation all of us are obligated to regard ourselves as if we ourselves went forth from the land of Egypt.” Imagining ourselves, removed from our worldly possessions, making that exodus from slavery to freedom is challenging.  How can we create this mindset in today’s world?

Join us as we turn to these great Hagaddot and Haggadah supplements to enrich our Passover this year.  Use any of these 10 resources to integrate age-old Passover traditions within the context of modern-day global injustices, and help us use the Seder as an opportunity for awakening and a springboard toward action.

Let us pledge to not just remember the Exodus but to immerse ourselves in the challenging realities of slavery and displacement.

1.  AJWSNext Year in a Just World: A Global Justice Haggadah extends the journey of Passover further into the 21st century and around the globe; leaving us inspired to act in the year ahead. New to 2018 are these Seder supplements to add meaning to your existing traditions!

2. Ve’ahavta’s Creating Tables of Justice Seder Supplement incorporates emerging ideas on freedom and a guide to social activism.

3. HIAS’ Haggadah Supplement 2018 • 5778 connects our story as displaced people to the current global refugee crisis in an interactive way.

4. Tzedek’s Haggadah Companion produced along with JCORE, Rene Cassin, JSAF, and JHUB  integrates issues of modern slavery, refugees and other global challenges into the Seder.

5. Hillel International’s “How Do We Free One Another” Seder supplement, focusing on ending sexual assault, was produced in partnership with The White House’s It’s On Us campaign.  


6. JDC Entwine‘s ReOrdered is a new way to dive into the global and interconnected Jewish world through the timeless themes of freedom and storytelling.

7. Jewish World Watch‘s A Second Seder Plate  is an interactive Passover companion that brings focus to the issues that affect victims and survivors of genocide.

8. Religious Action Center’sThe Story of Modern Day Slavery: A Social Justice Haggadah” and Seder Supplement infuse the entire Seder with a global focus on freedom and justice. 

9. Repair the World in partnership with Be’Chol Lashon created a supplement on Avadim Hayinu “We Were Slaves” focusing on questions of modern day liberation.

10.  Stand Up’s New Australian Haggadah, with a full Hebrew-English translation, includes inspiring Australian social justice commentary and gorgeous illustrations. 

New to 2018 is the Stand Up Passover Chatterbox, a free printable resource that’s guaranteed to add laughter, reflection and discussion amongst Seder guests of all ages. Download your printable copy here!









All this Seder talk making you hungry for action? Visit OLAM’s Take Action page for dozens of global Jewish service opportunities.